Roll Up & Party DJs

Who is the Roll Up and Party DJ service designed for?

This service is for any household in the Portland or Salem metro areas. It can be for you, your kids, your entire family, or your entire block (e.g., if you plan it with your neighbors).

What is the Roll Up and Party DJ service?

One of our DJs will drive to your house, set up his/her/their DJ equipment in a pre-designated area and send you a text when everything is ready. The DJ will maintain a safe social distance and we ask that you please do so, as well. Once you and your household come outside, the DJ will start pumping the jams.

When is the Roll Up and Party DJ service available?

We can provide this service on any day of the week. Currently, this is a daytime to early evening service only. We don’t want to cause any city noise ordinance issues.

Where will the Roll Up and Party DJ service be available?

We have 12 DJs across the Portland and Salem metro areas. Our Roll Up and Party DJ service is available to anyone within these areas (exclusions may apply depending on county restrictions).

Why should you hire a Roll Up and Party DJ?

Because having fun is good for the mind, body and soul.

How do I book a Roll Up and Party DJ?

Please fill out this Roll Up and Party DJ request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our availability.

How much does it cost?

We charge $150 for half an hour of DJ play time, or $200 to extend it to one hour. Additional hours may be discussed, but have to be scheduled in advance.

What does the DJ need from you (the customer)?

We need access to a power outlet on your property. This is because the DJs need to plug in an extension cord to power their equipment. We bring a 100 ft. power cord with us—so the location of your outlet is important, but can be flexible.

*Additional FAQ

Can we pick out all of the music ahead of time?

No. We will play music based off of the genres you select in your request form. But the DJ can take in-person (albeit socially distant) requests. If we have the song (and time allows), we’ll play it.

What does the DJ bring with them?

We bring A quality sound system, DJ mixing board, headphones, laptop, a 4 foot table, a tablecloth, and two handheld microphones (one wired, one wireless). 

Why does the DJ bring microphones with them?

The microphones are used to interact with you and your household, as well as, to remind anyone that passes by, that this is a social distance event and they should keep their distance of at least 6 feet away.

Does the DJ bring dance lights?

No. This is a daytime to early evening service, so dance lights will not function well in the daytime sun or twilight hours.

Does the DJ bring and wear a mask?

This is up to you, as the client. If you’d prefer our DJ to wear a mask, we’d be happy to oblige. However, since the event is to be outdoors,  and we are setup more than 10 feet away from anyone else, masks are not required by  law and therefore the DJ may choose not to wear one unless you request it. 

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