About DJ Henry

Growing up on the Oregon coast listening to the likes of Matchbox Twenty, Dave Matthews, and the Goo Goo Dolls, Henry has always had a love for the upbeat arrangements and catchy hooks in music.

From an early age, Henry found an interest in both the guitar and drums, however, it was the percussion and rhythm that Henry was eventually drawn to most. Henry spent his high school years as a member of the concert band and marching band, both learning the mannerisms of a professional musician and music theory to its fullest. 

As he aged, he found a love for the electronic music scene and chose to learn how to DJ.  Shortly after, he started making a name for himself around Portland by playing at various night clubs such as 45east while supporting other big name DJs from around the world.  Henry is no stranger to making a crowd move and have a great time. Some of his favorite genres to spin are Hip Hop, Pop, any type of EDM, & Country, just to name a few. 

Beyond the pulsing beats of the club scene, Henry found a new calling – wedding entertainment. Obsessed with crafting the perfect soundtrack for couples’ special days, he pours his heart and soul into every mix. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the joy on couples’ faces during those unforgettable moments or watching the dance floor erupt into a frenzy with each transition.

For DJ Henry, there’s no greater thrill than orchestrating the soundtrack to life’s most cherished moments and ensuring that every beat drops just right.

    DJ Henry's Mini-Mix

    by DJ Henry | Wedding Dance Mix

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    Henry is brand new for us so we haven’t had a review come in for him yet. But much like our other team members, we’re sure he’ll become a star among the sky full of DJs.

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    Oregon City, OR | 10/06/22

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