About DJ Jai

As a child of the 70s, Jai grew up in a home influenced by a variety of genres, including rock, R&B, soul, funk, jazz and disco. His love for mixing was kick-started at the age of 12, when he began making tapes—with a jam box and double cassette player—for anyone who would accept one.

These days you can find Jai playing a variety of clubs, events and festivals around the Portland area.

A thorough planner and great communicator, Jai brings decades of musical knowledge, mixing ability and professionalism to any event.

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    What clients
    are saying…

    DJ Jai was an absolutely incredible DJ for our wedding, going above and beyond our expectations. First off, he set up a conference call between the three of us months in advance and spent over an hour discussing our expectations but also our music interests in general.

    Stumptown DJs has a playlist building app but Jai was open to us sending him any ideas, playlists, or specific songs on streaming apps to mix in. He really wanted to have a holistic view of our wedding to craft a perfect playlist for the event. The second time met, we spent 3 hours (it was originally supposed to be an hour meeting but we were having fun) talking about music and trading stories.

    The wedding itself was incredible. Each section of the event had a separate carefully curated playlist in which he perfectly captured the mood of the moment. He was a gracious and courteous MC, helping manage the flow from ceremony to cocktails to dinner through toasts to a wonderful night of dancing. Jai even mixed in some of our favorite songs that had come up during our 3 hour hang out. We had multiple guests approach us to comment on how perfect the music was during each part of the wedding. Jai was very communicative, professional, knowledgeable, passionate, and fun every step of the way. We can’t recommend him highly enough. “

    Braden Behan

    Portland, OR | 7/20/19

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    We are closed on Saturday & Sunday.  We're out DJing.

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